Environmental Advisory for Food Service Businesses
Our environmental advisory services are tailored to assist restaurants and cafes in adopting environmentally conscious practices, diminishing their ecological footprint, and optimizing operational efficiency through employee training and education.
Small Business Waste Minimization Consultation
We tackle fundamental issues to initiate a more eco-conscious approach, guiding small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in their initial steps towards greener business practices.
Greener Event Consulting for Businesses
We provide inventive strategies to assist corporate clients in identifying unique approaches to reduce resource consumption and waste during their events.
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Waste Less Films
Waste Less Films events are designed to heighten awareness about the harmful impacts of waste while inspiring and motivating participants to adopt lifestyles that ultimately lead to zero-waste living.
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Waste Less Retail
Daily needs, in less plastics. We are committed to reducing single-use plastics, advocating for responsible consumption, and fostering a culture of sustainability.
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Waste Less Market
Waste Less Market is more than just a community bazaar. It’s a platform for conscientious producers, artisans, and entrepreneurs dedicated to crafting and offering products with minimal environmental impact.
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Our efforts and accomplishments support these SDGs