Mission & OUR STORY

To be a leader and catalyst in the journey towards a sustainable and waste-free world, fostering collaboration, innovation, and transformative initiatives that inspire positive environmental change.
NAvakara is dedicated to pioneering and implementing practical solutions that lead to a cleaner and healthier environment. Our mission is rooted in collaboration, bringing together individuals, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), community-based projects, and corporations to collectively address environmental challenges. By leveraging our expertise, skills, and positive energy, we strive to develop and implement initiatives that drive meaningful transformation.
NAvakara originated in September 2015 as a passion project initiated by four friends dedicated to addressing environmental degradation issues. Evolving from a shared vision, it officially became Mitra Solusi NAvakara in 2019, incorporated in Indonesia. The name itself, derived from the Sanskrit words "na" and "avakara," signifies a commitment to "no waste," emphasizing our dedication to eliminating waste from our environment.