“We should believe in the power of collaboration to widen our positive impact towards a cleaner, healthier earth.”

- Maureen, Co-founder, NAvakara - Ways to Zero Waste



Education through visuals.

Waste Less Films events aim to raise awareness of waste's detriments and encourage and propel participants to pursue a lifestyle that eventually leads to a zero-waste life.

Through film screenings, NAvakara hopes to foster the participants a broader and more profound understanding that our decisions, directly and indirectly, pose consequences towards the earth we live in.


As an extension of Waste Less Films Weekend (2019) and Waste Less Films Series (2021), NAvakara desires that the success of Waste Less Films Festival 2023 should be the baby step towards an annual films festival that will be presented not only in Jakarta but also in other selected cities in Indonesia.


NAvakara started its activities in 2015 to find viable ways to zero waste in Indonesia, working with those with the same care about environmental issues.


Produksi Film Negara is an Indonesian state-owned film funding company, previously a film production company. PFN was one of the pioneers in the Indonesian film industry when it was formed.

The Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement (GIDKP) is a non-profit organization incorporated as an association that has received various awards for its efforts to realize a Single-Use Plastic Free Indonesia. By taking advocacy, collaboration, and education approaches, GIDKP has succeeded in encouraging more than 70 cities/regencies to ban single-use plastics.

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Community media partnerships


Waste Less Films Festival 2023 comprises three primary activities:

  • Filmmaking Workshop - March 18-19, 2023,
  • Waste Less Films Festival - early June 2023, and
  • Waste Less Market - early June 2023.

Filmmaking Workshop
The power of films to showcase a cause and convince is undeniable.
Hence, we will take this opportunity to train high school and university students and other independent filmmakers-to-be to incorporate locally made films as media to raise awareness of “zero waste” living.
The 2-day intensive workshop fosters and facilitates the creations of young and independent filmmakers. Materials included in the workshop introduce the “zero waste” lifestyle, the climate crisis, and the three essentials of filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production.
Participants join this workshop in March 2023, submit their creations in early May 2023, and have their films completed and screened during the Waste Less Films Festival in early June 2023. The festival will also announce the three winners of the best short films.

Waste Less Films Festival
Waste Less Films Festival screens various eye-opening documentaries about environmental issues, waste management, and ways to zero waste living over one week. The festival week will feature opening and closing ceremonies, red-carpet moments, film discussions, and many more. The message-filled event will be free of charge for the audience in hopes of attracting a wider cohort of audience.

Waste Less Market
Waste Less Market invites Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to showcase their products. Participants in this market have shown their commitment to supporting environmental causes. The market will take place at and during the films festival.


  • Positive Societal Impact: Environmental partnerships can increase public awareness of sustainability issues, which, in turn, can create consumer demand for eco-friendly products and services.
  • Collective Action: Our efforts will benefit future generations, and partnerships can make a significant difference.
  • Workshop: As a partner, you'll receive one complimentary WLFF 2023 Environmental Filmmaking Workshop registration.
  • Invitation: As a partner, you'll receive an invitation to the opening and closing ceremonies of the first-of-its-kind Waste Less Films Festival 2023.

Responsibilities of the Partner

  1. Provide your logo.
  2. Post WLFF 2023 posters on your Instagram social media account (Insta Story and Insta Feed).
  3. Follow, tag, and mention @waste_less_films, @na_avakara, @studiopfn @pfn.indonesia, and @iddkp on Instagram.

Responsibilities of WLFF 2023

  1. Include your logo on WLFF 2023 Filmmaking Workshop posters, flyers, and subsequent posters.
  2. Provide you with posters and flyers, including captions.
  3. Provide a schedule for posting posters and flyers.
  4. Follow, tag, and mention your Instagram account on our social media platforms.

Please let us know via email at if you're ready to join this collaboration.

Together, we can all achieve more. Thank you!