“We should believe in the power of collaboration to widen our positive impact towards a cleaner, healthier earth.”

- Maureen, Co-founder, NAvakara - Ways to Zero Waste



Education through visuals.

NAvakara aspires to cultivate a deeper and more comprehensive understanding among participants by showcasing thought-provoking films. These visuals emphasize how our direct or indirect choices significantly affect the well-being of the planet we call home.

Waste Less Films events are designed to heighten awareness about the harmful impacts of waste while inspiring and motivating participants to adopt lifestyles that ultimately lead to zero-waste living.


NAvakara regularly organizes Waste Less Films Weekend (two films over one weekend), Waste Less Films Series (four films over two weeks), and Waste Less Films Festival (seven-day film screenings and WLFF short film awarding).


Founded in September 2015, NAvakara emerged as a brainchild of four friends driven by a shared passion for raising awareness about environmental degradation issues and seeking innovative solutions. In 2019, Mitra Solusi NAvakara was officially incorporated in Indonesia.


Produksi Film Negara is an Indonesian state-owned film funding company, previously a film production company. PFN was one of the pioneers in the Indonesian film industry when it was formed.

The Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement (GIDKP) is a non-profit organization incorporated as an association that has received various awards for its efforts to realize a Single-Use Plastic Free Indonesia. By taking advocacy, collaboration, and education approaches, GIDKP has succeeded in encouraging more than 70 cities/regencies to ban single-use plastics.

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Community media partnerships


Waste Less Films Weekend 2024 comprises two primary activities:

  • Films Screenings - January  2024, and
  • Films Discussion

Films Screenings
Two eye-opening documentaries about environmental issues and pollution. The screenings tell stories about the impact of waste polluting our land, sea, and air against humans and animals.

Films Discussions
Post-screening discussions with a panel of experts.


  • Positive Societal Impact: Environmental partnerships can increase public awareness of sustainability issues, which, in turn, can create consumer demand for eco-friendly products and services.
  • Collective Action: Our efforts will benefit future generations, and partnerships can make a significant difference.
  • Workshop: As a partner, you'll receive one complimentary WLFF 2023 Environmental Filmmaking Workshop registration.
  • Invitation: As a partner, you'll receive an invitation to the opening and closing ceremonies of the first-of-its-kind Waste Less Films Festival 2023.

Responsibilities of the Partner

  1. Provide your logo.
  2. Post WLFW 2024 posters on your Instagram social media account (Insta Story and Insta Feed).
  3. Follow, tag, and mention @waste_less_films, @na_avakara, @studiopfn @pfn.indonesia, and @iddkp on Instagram.

Responsibilities of WLFW 2024

  1. Include your logo on WLFF 2024 social media flyers.
  2. Provide you with social media flyers, including captions.
  3. Provide a social media posting schedule.
  4. Follow, tag, and mention your Instagram account on our social media platforms.

Please let us know via email at if you're ready to join this collaboration.

Together, we can all achieve more. Thank you!