You can improve human health and the environment by buying greener products and services!

This page will help you find the information you need to get started.

What Makes a Product "Greener?"

The answer to what makes a product "green" can be complicated. Here is a list of various companies offering products or services that are not only green in the inside, but also have started to put some thoughts on the outside such as their packagings, as well as their business processes.
For the Food and Beverage providers, we are promoting those who have started to use either compostable or reusable items, and have greatly reduced the use of disposable plastics.


Botanina provides natural homecare and bodycare for the people who want natural alternatives to synthetic content. We use blends of pure essential oils as active ingredients to serve both wonderful scents and therapeutic benefits.

Noesa Soap

Noesa Soap body-care provides products to the citizens of the world that are made of premium selected materials from Indonesia and being processed with theprinciples of quality, beauty, usefulness.

Griya Rempah

Griya Rempah makes and creates traditional mixture of herbs to benefit health and beauty.

Skin Dewi

Skin Dewi advocates for natural and gentle beauty solutions that deliver great quality and high performance. Skin Dewi formulates with certified organic ingredients and do not test on animals.

Atiqa Skincare

Atiqa Skincare products are made of natural ingredients and focused on keeping your skin healthy.

DarkSide Charcoal

Naturally handmade. Unscented. Paraben-free. Non-toxic, no chemical preservatives, no artificial colors or fragrances.

Belly Bandit

Belly Bandit is Food and Beverage concept that is about letting their customers decide what they want to eat. It's about building your own burgers, that can be mixed and matched to satisfy your hunger!


Burgreens is a manifestation of a conscious eating movement that believes that what we eat directly impacts our health, animal & farmerswelfare, and environmental sustainabilitySince the very beginning, their mission is to make healthy, ethical, and sustainable food as delicious, fun, convenient, and accessible as junk food - while empowering local farmers and women through a responsible supply chain.


Bistroffee coffee shop started in 2016, located in the East side of Jakarta. They only serve foods and beverages that are made in-house, and all coffees served are locally-sourced.

Green Door Kitchen

Crafted by Chef Juan Antono, Green Door Kitchen was first open in mid 2015. Their menu selections, mostly western, are prepared with premium ingredients and proper cooking techniques. We offer delicious meal selections and also serve amazing specialty coffees drinks and pastries. Our location is in Eastern part of Jakarta.