Support efforts to reduce consumer’s wasteful consumption and to increase producer’s mindful production.



“NAvakara” is derived from sanskrit words of “na” (no) and “avakara” (waste).

And as “mitra” means partner also in Sanskrit, the company is thriving to be the best partner of waste-reduction solutions to those who share the same care about the environmental issues.



Mitra Solusi NAvakara started its activities in September 2015, conceived by four friends who like to think and push further on how to raise awareness of our environmental degradation issues.

Living healthy, safe, and comfortable, where the abundance of the natural earth is also conserved and protected, is the “conscious living” that the founders are supportive of.

NAvakara is now a team of nature-respecting entrepreneurs, perpetually enthusiastic in growing a business that can support various aspects and efforts to reduce wasteful consumption and increase mindful production.


Partner With Us

Besides providing products to support waste-reduction habits, NAvakara also strongly believes in creating further awareness through education. NAvakara organizes regular presentations and workshops for greater community, as well as advising businesses and organizations who are interested in reducing and responsibly managing its wastes.